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According to the police, Yadav's name was included in the FIR after the mastermind of the case, Vijay Kumar, during his interrogation told the police that Yadav had instructed him to desecrate the book and had offered him ` 1 crore.
What I can only hope from other non-Mangyan is not to desecrate our ancestral domain, and the plan to be orderly and responsible," Makabayan said in their native dialect, adding that they see no problem agreeing with the program, primarily if this is initiated by the government.
Kirklees leader Clr Mehboob Khan said: "It is utterly shameless and beyond contempt that anyone would desecrate the memory of those who have given their lives for their country.
I would suggest they stop and step aside from these turbines and reflect on our heritage, before they come up with any more plans to desecrate our coastal or rural areas.
From my position of faith, whenever you desecrate the grave of somebody who has been laid to rest in peace it means you are really violating God and blaspheming against God.
Would any real teens make speeches like, "It is absolutely an insidious offense to desecrate such a beautiful place
It's not just the fact the cross has gone missing, it is the fact that someone could do something like this and actually desecrate the grave of a young baby.
While few currently desecrate a symbol that stands for the United States of America - its people, its Constitution, its history, its fallen soldiers - more would seize upon a symbol of the government as a target for their rage.
It is against the law in Hong Kong to desecrate China's national flag or the territory's regional flag.
THE most depressing piece of news this Christmas was Sainsbury's decision to desecrate the one day of the year every family calls its own by opening two of its convenience stores.
It is one thing to inspect balikbayan boxes, another to desecrate them.
It is gross breach of laws and it will go to desecrate the dead bodies.