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Multiple other graves were desecrated in the rampage and the damage is being assessed by Glasnevin Trust.
BEIRUT: The grave of one of Syria's most popular rebel leaders has been desecrated by ISIS militants who object to tomb markings as a type of blasphemy, anti-regime activists said Sunday.
If the graves are desecrated this way then the whole nation will go to streets.
Whoever did this desecrated the It is for the loved JANEY "It is just terrible for the loved ones.
Jaffa: Attackers desecrated graves in an Arab Christian cemetery in Jaffa and damaged property nearby, in an incident that bore the hallmarks of a "price tag" hate crime, police said on Thursday.
Police said they detained the man after locals complained that he had desecrated the Koran.
It's not because of the value of the items that have been stolen but because I feel the memory of my wife has been desecrated.
CDATA[ Anti-Semitic violence is being directed at Jewish graves, which were desecrated at historic cemeteries in Louisiana and in Greece.
A CATHOLIC church was desecrated in Bangalore on Sunday morning.
A warmemorial can't be desecrated for as long as we honour those it represents.
Mountain Ash War Memorial was desecrated earlier this year when its bronze plaque was stolen.
AYOUNG mother last night issued an emotional appeal for help in catching vandals who desecrated her premature baby's grave.