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Thus white racists envisioned black women, not just black male rapists, as the desecrators of their "civilization"; Minnie's choice to transgress the color line, though she passes from whiteness into blackness, is a perceived threat to white supremacy.
Even so, artful Grande Acquisitors, brahmin grave robbers, shrine desecrators, by degrees made death masks of copped cultures; Inca copper, turquoise, jewelry, Aztec gold and emerald jaguars (they could not mine the sunshine, the light or shadow of the undulating stone Mayan pyramidal snake) stone-tongues alabaster Babylonian tombstones, semi-abstract African masks, attesting to the manifests of Manifest Destiny's slave-ships, galleons and Conestoga wagons: the fine art of holocaust, after holocaust, after.
They killed our Lord: The perception of Jews as desecrators of Christianity as a predictor of antisemitism.
I don't agree with that solution--it would be removed from its prominent place in the centre of the tourist area, and cemeteries themselves frequently become targets for memorial desecrators.
Columns under famous bylines were given over to the vanished splendor of Tut-Ankh-Amen and the attempts to trace to their fated denouements his far-reaching curses on the desecrators of his golden sarcophagus.
Raw here suggests that although the raven and the wolf "are associated with the battlefield, where they predict a glorious fate," they sometimes emerge even in poems such as Beowulf as "impious desecrators of the human body, analogous to the worms and toads of Christian contemptus poetry such as Soul and Body F as they supply "the final degradation for the corpse on the gallows.
As a Christian humanist, drawing inclusively on the richness of both classicism and Christianity, Merton regarded the warlords of history as the destroyers of the precious legacy of human civilization and as the desecrators of creation itself.
Anthropologists have been described as grave robbers, desecrators, mis-representers, agents of colonization, and, by Gerald Vizenor, as "shit mounds at the end of the trail in social science" (204).
In written accounts, Jews were often described as sorcerers, ritual murderers, and desecrators of the Holy Communion.