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In 2007, the National Academy of Education concluded that "early experience in desegregated schools tends to reduce expectations of hostility, improve skills and comfort with interracial settings, and create a tolerance for--if not a preference for--subsequent desegregated educational settings.
What Kellar does not mention is that Houston Public Library also had already desegregated, and it had done so in August of 1953, several months before the Brown decision.
In fact, only Texas and Oklahoma have instituted desegregated cells on a large-scale basis--and now California is devising a similar policy.
A federal judge found HUD had maintained a system of segregated housing in 36 counties and ordered the 176 public housing sites throughout the region desegregated so that no more than 75% of their residents are of one race.
He also desegregated the Jacksonville zoo, city pools, and city golf courses.
The Court ruled that schools had been sufficiently desegregated, and that busing students in order to achieve diversity was no longer required.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the achievement gap between resegregated and desegregated schools in the city of Norfolk.
In these years, Roosevelt outlawed discrimination in defense industries, Truman established the first presidential committee on civil rights and desegregated the military, and African-American activism flourished.
From desegregated schoolrooms in New Jersey to summer camp mountain climbing to attempts to integrate Feng Shui into a Hoboken row house, Thompson chronicles the role of location and its limits in human life.
Emphasizing socioeconomic integration answers the conservative charge that it is insulting to presume that predominantly black schools are inferior, but also acknowledges the liberal insight that predominantly poor schools (many of them largely black) need to be desegregated in order to provide genuine equal opportunity.
Later, in the wake of the Freedom Rides, he held that the maintenance of separate bus facilities for the two races constituted unjust discrimination, declared unconstitutional a state statute requiring segregation of the races in bus and rail terminals, and desegregated all facilities in bus terminals.