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Yet they also raise the question regarding football's role in the process of desegregating southern society.
He starts by looking at the election season of 1960 and how a new voice for civil rights emerged at that time, how in 1961 the Kennedy brothers pressed for voting rights and desegregating, how in 1962 the Kennedy White House handled the national crisis of integration with a focus on the Mississippi school-system, and how the Birmingham riots affected Robert Kennedy in 1963.
When we think back about our first attempt at desegregating our camp in 1965, we have to admit it was a naive plan and not long lasting--but it was an attempt--and it was a beginning.
Teacher efficacy, power, school climate, and achievement: A desegregating district's experience.
The CNN South Africa bureau chief reflects on her role in desegregating the University of Georgia in 1961 before going on to a career as a high-profile journalist.
Think: The landmark Supreme Court decision desegregating schools and the men who championed it - Oliver Brown and Thurgood Marshall - are recalled on its 50th anniversary.
Having broadly proclaimed its support of desegregating public schools, the Supreme Court shortly thereafter issued its opinion--the opinion that legitimized much of the social upheaval that forms the central theme of [the book All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half-Century of Brown v.
who at age 15 was barred from entering and desegregating Central
Magnet schools may very well be effective tools for desegregating at the building level.
The reason for the Warren Court's inefficacy in desegregating schools goes to the heart of the long liberal miscalculation in the courts.
Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregating graduate and professional schools in Sweatt v.
problematize that reputation, examining such topics the 1960 and 1964 race riots in Jacksonville, white supremacy and black agency in 20th century Miami, local-state cooperation in stonewalling desegregation following the Civil Rights Act of 1964, struggles to desegregate Daytona Beach, the legal battle over desegregating the U.