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In recent years, many Southern universities have paused to reflect on the 50th anniversaries of their desegregations.
Furthermore, the legal action asserted, Louisiana "did not evaluate the impact the vouchers would have on the desegregation process in any of the school districts operating under a federal desegregation order.
As the UCLA political scientist Gary Orfield points out, "On some measures the racial achievement gaps reached their low point around the same time as the peak of black-white desegregation in the late 1980s.
Case studies provide an essential approach to understanding the master narrative of school desegregation history.
He plays out the drama of desegregation without letting that familiar story dominate and considers the "loss and profit" of desegregation--"integration," in his usage, a goal that was never on the table (p.
While our industry is not undergoing anything as significant as a desegregation battle, there is still the same fear of change, anger, confusion, as well as the sense that we are victims of outside forces.
Houston, in a formal statement (6/29/07) responding to the Supreme Court decision on school desegregation
Of course, desegregation did not immediately take place.
Kruse traces a direct line between obscure neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan terrorists operating against residential desegregation in post World War II Atlanta, to the leaders of the conservative movement that dominates every level of American politics today, many of whom, including Newt Gingrich, have represented metropolitan Atlanta constituencies.
This historic ruling led to the desegregation of public schools "with all deliberate speed.