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Lenton's dismissal sparked Hinckley into life and they deservedly equalised eight minutes in to the second half when keeper Kevin Sawyer failed to hold Neil Cartwright's free kick and Danny George was on hand to drill home the rebound.
TWO goals - one in the very last minute - saw Mansfield deservedly leave Telford with victory.
The Bucks showed their intent from the start and they deservedly opened the scoring on 34 minutes when Kevin Jobling's free-kick was converted by Quayle with a back header.
The American public then at least will know the truth about which industries deservedly put the "chasing arrows" logo on their products, and which are just playing along for public relations purposes.
This latest entry in the deservedly popular Alice series has Alice starting ninth grade and dealing with the challenges that high school brings.
Most of the news within the real estate community, quite deservedly, has focused on terrorism insurance, its availability and escalating cost.
An historical specimen distinctly in the celebratory mode, Jubilee takes one of the most wretched, tragic and deservedly lamentable chapters in the annals of human existence, and mines it for happy facts and triumphant episodes fitting for Black History Month pageants and desktop calendars.
As Amory Lovins (who is deservedly featured in your suite of articles) and others have preached for decades, society could implement more efficient technologies and get the same services with much less energy.
Corps members Salstein and David Hallberg were repeatedly and deservedly on view, but Elvis was sighted more often than the much-anticipated soloists Monique Meunier and Veronika Part.
Vertigo has certainly become a gay cult classic and deservedly so, since it features, so prominently and beautifully, one of the gay community's most magnificent and beloved cities.
ST ANTHONY'S produced the shock of the day, coming back from a goal down to deservedly beat league leaders Clydebank.
Skull Fragments" starts us off, deservedly so, and leaves a lasting impression.