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In contrast, validity framing--that is, stories that cued considerations around deservedness or the legitimacy of claims--was used to a greater extent with respect to refugees than it was with immigrants.
Neither antistatist political culture nor the Constitution deterred Congress from responding sympathetically to "disaster narratives," so long as the claimants could establish their helplessness and deservedness.
Also he advocates and becomes witness for that very person's uprightness and deservedness and his honesty and capability by casting the vote.
The goals need each other because deservedness cannot be claimed apart from an environment of fair opportunity (Veryser, 195-96), and fair opportunity does little good unless it produces suitable rewards for merit.
12) The (de)gendered assumptions underlying prevalent constructions of childhood and youth as they intersect with notions of protection, deservedness, acceptable survival choices, and changing social roles during humanitarian crises and displacement also remain largely unexamined.
Demonising him for failing to take this chance is one thing, but that shouldn't be confused with his deservedness for the golden ball.
Nominated institutions are invited to provide supporting information to enable our readers to assess the performance and deservedness of the candidate.
Let no one speak of deservedness for the setting or situation of life.
It conveys prettily, and with true feeling, a real sense of the enduring value of Eliot's novel and the deservedness of its reputation, while illustrating the usefulness of fiction in processing real-world events and emotions.
perceived lesbian and gay discrimination and deservedness of discrimination.
Once there are a sufficient number of slips, and subject to a consensus as to their deservedness for inclusion, a new edition will be published with the new words.