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bonuses, extra vacations, gift cards, or tokens of appreciation) is whether they work to lift efficiency and reward deservedness.
In order to overcome this limited view of merit and desert, a more comprehensive approach to assessing an individual's merit and deservedness should incorporate historical factors that shape the lived experience.
49) By assuring her readers of their "innocent and virtuous habits and feelings," Dorothy necessarily participates in and panders to the increasingly ubiquitous practice of scrutinizing the poor for deservedness.
FUTURE CRIMES: DESERVEDNESS AND DANGEROUSNESS IN THE SENTENCING OF CRIMINALS 53 (1985), stating that, "If the state is to carry out the authoritative response to [wrongful] conduct .
In this period, the significance of the category "Canadian citizen" therefore lies in its tendency to be the descriptor of choice for those stressing Arar's potential innocence, right to due process of the law, and deservedness of Canada's protection.
To begin with the Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Popular Culture editor, Robert Shaughnessy, brings together a well-composed collection with a number of high-flying contributors who demonstrate the deservedness of their reputations.
First, let me be clear, that this sacrament is not now, nor ever was intended to be, a mere ritual of obedience to a legalistic belief about our goodness or deservedness.
41) Andrew von Hirsch, "Prediction of Criminal Conduct and Preventive Confinement of Convicted Persons," Buffalo Law Review 21 (1972): 717-58; Andrew yon Hirsch, Doing Justice: The Choice of Punishments (New York: Hill and Wang, 1976); Andrew von Hirsch, Past or Future Crimes: Deservedness and Dangerousness in the Sentencing of Criminals (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1985); George P.
and just when it is deserved and when deservedness is determined
83) Not only is the conflict centered on the appropriateness and deservedness of 'gay rights', but much of the success in each right gained may have reverberations for the rights of religious freedom.
With subsequent reforms, new definitions of deservedness and therefore new forms of moral regulation emerged in social assistance governance.