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Subsequently, these factors inform how politicians, administrators, and the public determine deservingness (e.
Thus, as discussed in Luttmer (2001) and Lee and Roemer (2004), greater heterogeneity and the presence of a minority reduced redistribution by reducing the extent to which individuals positively account for the payoffs and the deservingness (via intentions and ex ante behaviors) of others.
In remaining Society records, deservingness was rarely noted; while Mathers set aside the principle in the face of destitution: (53) However, a key difference between them was that the Society did not focus on religious affiliation during its visits, whereas Mather's journal entries reveal an emphasis on up-front religious conversion with every slum visit.
Thus, deservingness cannot provide a solid doctrinal foundation for the distinct treatment of refugees and IDPs.
we affirm our collective and individual value as human beings, our right to attend the University of California, and our deservingness to be treated with dignity as students, community members, and political subjects.
At this point, a sense of deservingness slides into greed and self-righteousness, to be nourished through prejudice, stereotype, narrow reasoning, arbitrary distinctions between "us" and "them" and active derogation of those we learn to despise as we pursue the process of suspecting their desert.
Intuitively, we attach deservingness to voluntary "conscientious effort," but we cannot determine the extent to which conscientious effort is voluntary, Id.
This implication about deservingness has troubled many of Rawls's critics, even those on the left.
For the reductionist about personal identity, it is not suprising that some or most of us may intuit that the person in Case 3 did not deserve continued punishment following the radical loss of memory, or at least that her deservingness of punishment had been affected by the loss of memory.
Although pastoral lessees were not under the same degree of Administration pressure to practice the distinctions of deservingness laid down by Mr.