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As I have noted above, only one of the two desiderata that Gutas supplied in a "history of ideas" scheme was addressed--in part in al-Rahim's contribution.
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Even as he has thought and continues to think about these matters, these desiderata charge the airwaves of our own time.
Predictably, familiarity with information systems and technology, or extensive practical knowledge of database searching tools and techniques, feature prominently, though sometimes the list of desiderata goes well beyond technical competence to include specific kinds of organizational experience (e.
En fait, ce moyen de protestation est, parfois, un [beaucoup moins que] challenge [beaucoup plus grand que] gagnant dans la mesure ou les autorites cedent aux desiderata des manifestants.
Currently, the alternative education sites (Bostrom, Desiderata, Franklin Fire and
The author argues for these three desiderata in turn by critically discussing several recent accounts of imagination.
In addition to these desiderata, Lamarque says that artworks are public and perceptible, and have some essential and some inessential properties (but have them objectively); and no artwork is eternal, 'not even those that are types' (61).
They cover editing the Gospel of John; original text and textual history; the need to discern distinctive editions of the New Testament in the manuscript tradition; conceptualizing scribal performances; theoretical and practical challenges of working with an open textual tradition; traditional canons of New Testament textual criticism; desiderata to support a thoroughly eclectic approach to textual criticism; and contamination, coherence, and coincidence in textual transmission.
Clark, who is training for London 2012, would like to see first lines from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.
He then turned to Desiderata, the poem penned by Max Ehrmann, which implores the reader to "go placidly amid the noise and haste".