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Ours main objectives following in this working paper is to demonstrate by our research that these two formative desiderate are compatible, correlative and complementary.
The four pillars upon which we attempted to demonstrate De Martino's pro-European vision before the coming into existence of the European Union construct, far from tackling financial and economic aspects, depict it in its cultural and social essence, as well as in its international relationships desiderate.
Se desiderate fama, non vi manchera fama senza ponervi a consumar lo'ntelletto in cose, ch'a voi sono piu tosto di danno, che altrimenti.
Resta infatti, in Babbitt, la percezione di un'esistenza non sufficientemente valorizzata, ridotta a puro tirare avanti, durante la quale non si e riusciti a realizzare neppure una delle cose piu intimamente desiderate.
Equality of gender is not a desiderate which can be obtained only by enacting it, but it is also necessary that "the society enjoys the constructive contribution of all its members able to express a political will and to participate consciously in making the proper decisions in the community's interest" (13).
Thus, the desiderate of separating politics from the administration is rather struggled against by arguments in favor of the interdependence between the two spheres.
The assignment of this last desiderate enforces certain rules that have to be respected, enforces the use of an appropriate technology, in order to improve the efficiency, efficacy and adaptability to the requests of external environment.
Until recently this desiderate was shadowed by the existence of insufficient financial resources for equipping the local public administration with information technology (8) and of the relative insufficient training of the potential beneficiaries (local authorities, public institutions) to accomplish and implement projects through programs of external financing.
However, this desiderate implies an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness in public services delivery.
In addition, the fact that "swinging together" gives more interesting results encourages the interaction between people, one of the main desiderates of public space.
Certain current educational paradigms make possible the achievement of these desiderates.
The mere idea of the law project has as a starting point the fact that the woman's first decision to abort is not the best and it is not according to the social desiderates seen as such by the state.