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Fallon kicked Scorpion into the lead on the turn into the final straight but was immediately challenged by Desideratum, who briefly looked as if he would overhaul him.
Finally, it is, I suggest, tautological, that wealth maximization--the desideratum embraced by the law and economics project--is "not the only legitimate human aspiration deserving of legal attention.
A sustained biography has long been a desideratum and Ian McIntyre supplies this with an impressive energy.
Concomitantly, Busby urges due respect for textual editing; an apparently paradoxical desideratum, since he amply demonstrates the extent to which critical editions mask the semiotic richness and paper over the philological challenge of manuscript witnesses, but one based on a distinctive conception of editing.
Rather, it is symptomatic of an implicit and mature acceptance of the fact that political desiderata are not entirely compatible, and that no desideratum trumps all the others.
At least in some environments, preserving it is a desideratum, too, if possible.
The not-so-hidden message beneath these pronouncements is just as troubling as Apter's calmly polemic vision of arrested development as the norm, nay the desideratum, of young adult experience: a transparently hysterical rejection of the maturity of the boome rs' children as an augur of the boomers' mortality or (worse, from their perspective) their own historical obsolescence.
MacIntyre maintained that while Bell and his fellow liberals were correct to note and criticize the ill effects of "big idea" politics, whether of the far Right or the Communist Left, they failed to perceive that their own desideratum of an idea-less politics of value-neutral managerial skill, painless interest brokering, corporate facilitation, and top-down social/economic engineering was both a big idea and a rather bad one.
A desideratum would be a supplementary article in one of the learned journals devoted to Canadian literature correcting errata and containing the following information in tabular form (which Melnyk probably has in his research data base): lists of all fiction, poetry, drama, and cultural criticism published by Albertans during the period; all literary works from Alberta publishers in the period; all Alberta's ephemeral and enduring literary magazines and chapbooks; all writers-in-residence at the universities; all Albertan publishers from this period; members 1945-1999 of the Writers Guild of Alberta.
Reunion with Eastern Orthodoxy has long been a desideratum for John Paul, who has said Christianity needs to "breathe with both lungs.
of Hartford, Connecticut, to supply the above mentioned desideratum.