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It is important to direct all such inquiries to a designated individual to avoid the problems created by inconsistency or sharing inaccurate information.
Proximity: Merchandise was located in the home furnishings department in the rear of the store, where large overhead signage designated individual categories, such as bedding, bath and kitchen.
In return for contributions to a commodity trust, a designated individual with severe disabilities can receive lifelong services such as trust fund administration, advocacy (for example, participation by community trust representatives in the development of individualized service plans) and/or guardianship.
The two wards were part of a Birmingham City Council trial scheme that designated individual teams to seven wards across the city.
In Example (2), because the funds transferred to the trust were not made to an educational organization in payment of specific tuition costs for a designated individual, they did net qualify under this exception.
At least one designated individual should have the authority to make the final decision about sending an employee home and one to whom staff can report if a fellow employee comes in sick.
In a recent technical advice memorandum [TAM 199941013], the IRS approved an unlimited tuition exclusion for prepaid tuition for the benefit of a designated individual.
what are the relative roles of territory managers and directors of field operations); and (4) whether Coordinated Examination Program taxpayers will continue to have access to a designated individual to resolve questions concerning their accounts at IRS Service Centers.
There must be a designated individual who is accountable for an organization's compliance with the privacy principles;
It will be the responsibility of a designated individual, which could be an employer with control of a workplace, a person with responsibility for the overall management of a building, an occupier or owner of a premises or landlord, to undertake a full fire risk assessment.
Our investigation found that the charitys trustees failed to exercise proper supervision and control of the charity and its activities by inappropriately permitting the charitys website and events to be used as a platform for and/or to promote a designated individual.
The Department, individual division(s), section(s), unit(s), designated individual users must be able to customize the level of permissions granted to all groups and each end user.

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