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It is important to direct all such inquiries to a designated individual to avoid the problems created by inconsistency or sharing inaccurate information.
There must be a designated individual who is accountable for an organization's compliance with the privacy principles;
It will be the responsibility of a designated individual, which could be an employer with control of a workplace, a person with responsibility for the overall management of a building, an occupier or owner of a premises or landlord, to undertake a full fire risk assessment.
After sufficient discussion, a designated individual may approve a decision.
The OFAC requirements generally make it illegal to provide any service, including legal representation, to or for the benefit of a designated individual.
This little-known ability allows policy holders to offer financial support to a designated individual or individuals.
The US should prioritise programs that enhance the operational capacity of regional financial intelligence units to identify and freeze the assets of designated individuals," says the report.
In partnership with XLNTbrain Sport(TM), designated individuals from each school will gain access to a comprehensive suite of concussion education, testing, tracking and reporting tools for the athletes throughout the year.
The sanctions apply to designated individuals and entities associated with terror groups including Al Qaida and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), wherever located.
The resolution ensures that designated individuals face a travel ban, arms embargo and that their assets are also frozen.
instaALERT updates friends, family and co-workers on your ride progression and notifies designated individuals if something goes awry during your journey.
The resolution set out in detail the terms of the travel ban and asset freeze, including that Member States should continue to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals designated by the Sanctions Committee and freeze all assets, funds and economic resources on their territories that are owned or controlled by designated individuals or entities.

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