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Embodying metaphor, this type of discourse acknowledges the designative mode but employs words that are primarily appraisive in mode (Fiordo, 1977, p.
In addition to explicitly rejecting the notion that a term's meaning or concept is its referent (in passages such as the one quoted earlier from the Ideas), he also develops at least three powerful considerations justifying such a rejection: (1) Already in the Fragments, (91) and especially at the start of On the Origin, he argues that the original and fundamental roots of human language are expressive in nature rather than designative or descriptive, namely the expressive "language of sensation" which human beings share with animals (92)--a position which would be incompatible with equating meanings with referents.
When built up these signs tend to arouse the interpretants of a whole host of designative, appraisive, and prescriptive linguistic utterances which have occurred in their presence.
Among the designative terms of natural language we find some which, although formulated on the basis of our experience of a diversity of objects, yet express perfections whose intelligible core does not of itself imply the limited conditions under which we experience and from which we abstract (or presciss) that intelligibility and give it expression in the diversity of our conceptions: