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Later on in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, we put a laser designator pod on a B-52.
The user should not need to rely on naming conventions (reference designators and net names) to maintain the physical interconnect structure of a circuit.
Northrop Grumman sees a growing demand for systems that combine the laser rangefinder and designator, said Guch.
Limited Duty Officer questions regarding an Off-Ramp to the 3100 designator should be directed to the Supply Corps LDO detailer, (901) 874-4613.
As you might expect however, when the conflict was over, the tyranny of our acquisition process engaged again, and that laser designator came off the aircraft because it wasn't "in the program.
Australia's V-Tol Aerospace produces the i-Gimbal stabilised pay-load which contains an optional CCD television camera, active and passive infrared sensors, a thermal imaging camera, laser-rangefinders and a laser designator.
If your unit wants the weapon shield, submit a funded requistion to TACOM using the correct Priority Designator and Project Code.
These systems include the lightweight laser designator rangefinder (LLDR) and the thermal weapons sight (TWS).
The AT pod features advanced image processing for target identification and coordinate generation; forward-looking infrared sensor; charge-coupled device television sensors; laser spot tracker/range finder; infrared laser marker; and an infrared laser designator.
First Combined Flight Schedule Published with All Flights Listed Under LIAT's Airline Designator - LI
Equipped with a Micro Designator Marker (MDM) laser, the system can precisely designate targets allowing ground forces to respond with laser guided munitions fired from Elbit's mobile 120 mm mortar system.
Singapore Airlines under the expansion of the agreement will add its SQ designator code to Turkish Airlines-operated flights beyond Istanbul to destinations within Turkey, as well as to points in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America.