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The winner of the challenge, the Hummer 02 -- described by lead designer Frank Saucedo as ``Hummer meets Lunar Rover meets agricultural tractor'' -- was rendered by Loren Kulesus.
Spanish accessories designer Jaime Mascaro opened on the Upper East Side with exclusive and stylish footwear at 976 Lexington Avenue.
Craig Huey, copywriter Bill Heim, designer Creative Direct Marketing Group, entrant
Designer is available for use with Verilog simulators from Cadence, Fintronics, Mentor and Synopsys, running Solaris and Linux operating systems.
He's now a senior exterior designer in BMW's California studio.
Walker and her widely successful hair care and styling business as well as Anne Lowe, the premiere clothing designer and dressmaker for the New York jet set, all brought design and style by black women into greater prominence.
This synthetic hormone may lead the way to other compounds, in the group known as designer estrogens, that will be even more selective.
Today, clearly, a New York womenswear designer like Marc Jacobs or Victor Alfaro can acknowledge publicly that he is gay.
When the designer isn't involved early, but rather is called in later to "make it look nice," the horror stories begin to emerge about the designer not knowing the audience, or the design not furthering the overall objectives.
the leading supplier of platform-driven electronic system-level (ESL) design software and services, announced a new release of CoWare Processor Designer that provides increased support for next-generation Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) processors.
This service is free so it's a bargain because designer fees can be expensive.
Three years ago, Hill-Campbell's 15-year career as a textile designer/computer aided design artist (CAD) moved fast-forward when she and a small team of independent designers produced the striking costume fabric patterns used in the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of The Lion King.