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1) How do principals rate their desirability for professional development as it relates to meeting the high stakes accountability of the No Child Left Behind Act?
In recently completed research, we sought to assess evidence of social desirability bias for production process claims on two livestock products--pork chops and milk.
Kortum found a strong correlation between the desirability of movie content and subjective ratings of video quality.
With respect to research on the influence of a person's sexual experience on judgments of their desirability as a potential date or marital partner (e.
For every one sold there were just three hits, putting it bottom of the 125-car desirability list behind such gems as the Rover 45, Citroen Picasso and Kia Rio
The desirability of the new convertible has already brought the car to the attention of some speculators, and we predict that the very first owners could secure up to pounds 1,500 over list price for the initial batch of cars.
Additionally, the plan reviewed basing options for the brigades and the desirability of associating Stryker brigades with Air Force aerial expeditionary forces to facilitate development of joint doctrine, training, and deployment.
The Court of Appeals of Indiana ruled that substantial evidence failed to support a neighborhood desirability rating of a taxpayer's property as "excellent.
As a former legislator, I understand the desirability of getting laws that take such steps on the books.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of exercise frequency and self-reported fitness levels on perceived sexual desirability and sexual performance.
If I did, my desirability would go down, like, 85%.
And when you consider the front-engine architecture of most vehicles, there isn't a lot of desirability to having additional weight up front.