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In the case of crosses between elite parents (so-called "adapted-by-adapted" or "good-by-good" crosses), breeders of many species have relied on pedigree selection or early generation testing to shift the frequency of desirable alleles above one half (Fehr, 1987).
When advising clients involved in a divorce, CPAs should generally make sure the divorce agreement is structured so the stock redemption is not taxed under section 1041 (except in those situations where such treatment may be desirable, as discussed later).
A second instance in which the vacuum may be used is when it is desirable to obtain an extremely tight insulation around the conductor and to fill the interstices of the conductor more effectively than the pressure type extrusion die alone will permit.
Participants worked in small groups to identify the most probable and the most desirable world for the year 2000.
One must conclude that this means of wall decoration, to which art historians have devoted so much more attention than all other aspects of the room combined, was considered, not just less desirable, but much less desirable and prestigious, than wall decoration by means of luxurious tapestries and hangings.
It's just that bundling a lot of virtuous and desirable qualities in a package called family values is often an exercise in nostalgia, one that by its very oversimplification becomes a weapon for politicians and media pundits to assault one another.
When the bond markets are doing poorly, ARMs are a desirable option because of their interest rate adjustment feature.
We also appreciate the Internal Revenue Service's acknowledgement, as a policy matter, that "widespread netting is desirable.
First, individuals with alcohol/drug problems are clearly scored to be the least desirable employees; they receive 50 fifth-place ranks (five being the "least desirable" category, first the "most desirable", etc.
IT might only boast a pub, petrol station and chapel, surrounded by a modest scattering of houses, but Brynteg can lay claim to the title of Wales' most desirable postcode.
Despite the unbalanced distribution of desirable traits in the population, mating pursuits take place on a more-or-less even playing field in which most people have a strong chance of being satisfied with their romantic outcomes," explained Dr.