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And again, he does not begin with a jurisprudential argument from authoritative texts for the desirableness of good character, but makes a reasoned argument that an uncultivated wife, much like an impious one, will cause her husband anxiety and distract him from worship of God, illustrating this with what we might call "Islamic wisdom literature" drawn from the chapter on marriage in the influential Sufi treatise Qat al-qulab of Aba Talib al-Maldd (d.
This essay argues that it is a good test for reason, for normal rational beings eventually recognize the desirableness of knowledge of the world for its own sake as well as the fact that such knowledge can be increased by conversing with others.
Untangling the reasons why this is so is complicated, but differences in housing appreciation ultimately boil down to differences in attractiveness and desirableness as places to live.
It consists then in a firm reliance on Christ's mercifulness towards even the worst of sinners who come to Him,--an experimental conviction that the soul needs a Saviour, and a full assurance that He can and will be such to it ,--a thankful acceptance of His perfect work,--an exaltation and preference of Him above all things,--a surrender of the whole man to Him,--a submission to His will,--a perception and approval of spiritual things ,--a feeling of the desirableness of God's service,--a hatred of sin,--a confession of utter unworthiness,--a self-abhorrence of what is past,'--and a resolution, in dependence on God's grace, to do better in future.
Jack's resplendent personality and physical desirableness, along with the fact that his inner demons grow out of an abusive childhood, make him more a victim to be pitied than an embodiment of evil or even horror.