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Yet it is so strong that it must force an outlet for itself; hence it becomes necessary to entertain whole systems of false beliefs in order to hide the nature of what is desired.
Make the requisite inquiries for a place of this description, and when you have met with an eligible spot, visit it, and if it possess the advantages desired, purchase it at once in your own name.
It was to this apartment he had desired his guest to be shown, with the purpose of overwhelming him at the sight of so much luxury.
This translation does indeed require that there be one set of objects that are (a) desired, (b) believed good, and (c) really bad.
Women also answered questions about their age, the number of living children they had and whether they desired more children.
For instance, I formerly desired to listen to bad mid-'90s pop music, but no longer do.
Sons and daughters desired (dependent variables) were cross-tabulated with independent variables.
2014) operationalized sexual desire discrepancy as the difference between one's desired and actual frequency of sexual intercourse.
What the Athenians then desired were ships, walls, arsenals, and other such things.
Enhancing the imaging experience, it also offers software for merging one's features with those of a friend or celebrity for a completely original look and real time live makeup, allowing for previewing the image and set the desired level of skin smoothing before the image is captured, and photo booth, where one can capture several moments in a single image.
According to this discussion, what is forbidden is forbidden because it is desired.
Aligning the erotic psychology of the former with the tripartite psychology of the latter creates some interesting if not always convincing arguments, principally around the arguably circular idea that philosophical desires are nobler because they are inspired by those objects desired by superior human beings (111-12).