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When we describe the intrinsic character of my life in world A, we ought to include the fact that in that world I bear the desiring relation to the true state of affairs the number of atoms in the universe is prime.
Over the course of the nineteenth century, children became accepted as desiring subjects during the Christmas period.
Desiring Women Writing: English Renaissance Examples.
The return due date for an entity desiring to be disregarded as an entity separate from its owner is its sole owner's return due date for the tax year in which the entity was formed.
This technology also includes the ambiguity of the desiring self.
After death, having attained to the highest, desiring only the Self, such a soul goes to no other world.
Cullen is fearful of the consequences of his desires being uncovered as a general principle, not simply o ut of a slavish devotion to the prerogatives of white people--all of which suggests that desire is never a purely personal matter, at least for the person desiring a public voice.
If we do see the other through our desire, we nonetheless see ourselves, too--and we see ourselves desiring.
Whether the distinction between motivated and unmotivated desires, in the way Schueler formulates it, could then be maintained in such cases seems doubtful, since a reason I might have for desiring to eat or drink is that I am hungry or thirsty.
His model of desiring plugs into the tangled network of familial, cultural, and political arteries that constitute the social body.