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He managed to convey, by a despairing gesture, that he knew nothing about it, or rather that he did not wish to know.
We shall find her still in the despairing attitude in which we left her, plunged in an abyss of dismal reflection--a dark hell at the gate of which she has almost left hope behind, because for the first time she doubts, for the first time she fears.
The despairing, dejected expression of Natasha's face caught his eye.
On the way which the despairing florist had to traverse to reach that cell he heard nothing but the barking of a dog, and saw nothing but the face of a young girl.
The set-back to their hopes made them despairing and desperate.
every one else believes in her guilt, and that made me wretched, for I knew that it was impossible: and to see every one else prejudiced in so deadly a manner rendered me hopeless and despairing.