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FLYING HIGH: Llanelli's Diggy Bird was on target with penalty and conversion kicks NO ORDINARY JOE: Llanelli's Joe Heatley scores as Pontypool's Calwyn Morgan despairingly attempts to bring him down
IT HAD always looked a tough ask for Lancashire to make 250 runs in the last innings of a game dominated by bowling, but the speed and nature of their demise was still a disappointment for another 2000-plus crowd at Trafalgar Road, who watched despairingly as their side crumbled against Nottinghamshire.
Still, it was heading over the line until van der Sar despairingly flung out anarmandsomehowmanaged to push the ball upwards, changing its trajectory so it struck Vidic, who was scrambling back on the line.
I am so out of love," she says despairingly while in a fit of pique he tosses his wedding ring into the bushes before instantly regretting it and starting a fruitless search.
I have lost many friends and acquaintances and do look despairingly at the obituaries.
But he scrambled back across court and Simon's racket, thrown despairingly at the ball, summed up his whole evening.
And when farmer after farmer, filmed in their fields or with their livestock, talks despairingly about their attempts--usually unsuccessful--to stand up to evil multinational corporations accused of debasing the food industry.
Oddy coolly drove the resulting penalty straight down the slot as Garnham dived despairingly to his left.
For the Greeks visiting the oracle at Delphi, the inscription on the temple portals, "Know thyself," came to mean "Remember your mere humanness and accept it compassionately and joyfully, not despairingly.
For many of us, the 17 years since the last weekly instalment from Texas's answer to the Borgias has been but a despairingly aimless walk through the glamour - and Stetson-free topography of life.
Ben Toye is Dan, professional obituary-writer who ping-pongs despairingly between the women.
The second is by the 24-year-old daughter playing the missing intern, desperately and despairingly in love.