desperate criminal

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Instead of shying away from posh localities, the desperate criminals feel emboldened to commit daylight robberies at the residences of wealthy traders with the film-like precision and deftness.
They breed addiction which in its turn breeds desperate criminals who will stop at nothing to fund their habit.
and the things he did: letting desperate criminals out of prison on furlough, taking money earmarked for the Wildlife people to help balance his state budget, etcetera.
Mr Harrison added: "We urge all mobile users in Birmingham to be alert to the methods that desperate criminals can resort to, to keep their mobiles secure when going out to prevent theft and avoid being careless.
You'll watch in amazement as desperate criminals try to evade the police in cars, trucks, buses - even tanks
Three desperate criminals take the patrons of a bar prisoner as the police close in to arrest them, but soon realise they are stuck in a no-win situation, casting a shadow over their hostages' future 1996***
Desperate criminals have raised the stakes by going to extraordinary lengths to get the drugs into our jails.
To thank the EU for providing us with the legal workers our growing economy needs, rather than making desperate criminals stow away on trucks en route to our black market.