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In their desperation they ravaged the farms for food, and the consequent tumult and anarchy in the country districts but increased the woes of the poor expropriated farmers.
Hitherto there had been a kind of desperation in her hardihood; now she was evidently relieved.
13 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh on Tuesday said Pakistan out of desperation is infiltrating terrorists in India.
His vehement desperation for political power in Liberia took him through thick and thin.
Desperation can be a powerful incentive when you say, I must.
Desperation has many faces: the addict who has hit bottom; the laid-off worker struggling to make the next house payment; the person who seems to have it all together but is wracked with fear, guilt, anger, or shame.
Senator Leila de Lima on Tuesday denied fabricating a document in one of her pleadings at the Supreme Court, saying the Office of the Solicitor General's (OSG) allegation was just 'borne out of desperation.
NEWPORT County boss Graham Westley is refusing to allow desperation into his thinking despite still looking for his first win at Rodney Parade.
TV personality Jodie Marsh has told of her desperation to be officially divorced from ex James Placido.
The vivid descriptions of the fire engulfing Pudding Lane and the surrounding streets are mingled with the desperation of Sam and Catherine's situation, which forces them to go along with Jack's unsavoury schemes.
He said: "It is widely known that the No campaign known that the No campaign have been struggling to have been struggling to gather support but we are gather support but we are surprised their desperation surprised their desperation has extended to seeking has extended to seeking help from the First help from the First Minister.
This is desperation, helplessness, irritation of the Congress and I can understand it because the people are not giving them any indulgence during their campaign and Congress is going to have its lowest ever performance," Prasad said.