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Why they all yet again failed so despicably and so criminally in performing what they were required to perform in any event and at every cost?
sic) Having foreseen that he would sell despicably his birthright to Jacob when he would come of age, God said that he hated him before he had yet been born.
Despicably, some political opponents tried to suggest that by attacking this terrible war, I was somehow disrespecting those who fought in it.
When the investigator confronts him in Torquay, Devon, where he is staying at a bed and breakfast, Blakeley despicably tries to justify himself.
We are not only ignorant but also despicably ridiculous; we aren't even aware of our ignorance and claim to have a monopoly over the truth just because we are more powerful, thanks to our technology, than others.
It took women centuries to get the vote because men behaved despicably to deny them that human right.
Well, 146 days to be exact, the shortest reign by a Sky Blues boss since Eric Black was despicably deposed in 2004 after just 143 and arguably the most popular since the Scot's brief attempt to breathe life into the old club.
This two-week campaign has ended tragically and despicably," he said.
I feel very sorry for the very small minority of maids who are treated despicably but on the whole they are the spiteful and abusive ones and I have no sympathy for those.
This time, however, its cover was despicably Zionist.
While last year's much heralded "year of the duck" became the year of hard luck for many fowlers in parts of the country that were despicably warm still in midwinter, it was not for lack of proper fowling arsenal that the birds weren't falling.