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Not surprisingly, environmentalists who diverge from eco-radical dogma are accused of selling their green souls to the despoiling devil.
In retrospect the key to the Progressives' political success was not their clever stitching together of constituency groups, but their ability to convince the country that it had social and economic problems, ranging from child labor to rotten meat to the despoiling of nature, that had to be solved by government.
economie believes that the world is at a stage where these issues can help people to take charge of their monetary power to build a future where prosperity doesn't rely on the impoverishment of others, despoiling the environment or fuelling conflict.
Others have commented on the insufferable strain this will put on the infrastructure and roads of the locality, so I shall confine myself to urging the council to think twice - three times - before despoiling one of the lushest parts of South Wales.
I don't think I have ever seen a single issue in my life more insanely stupid than despoiling our green and pleasant land and our seascape with ugly bird-and bat-chomping monsters that don't work" - Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip.
As the Government leapt to point out that he was no longer in it, even his son-in-law George Osborne didn't defend him and everyone with a retweet button told him to "Frack off", it seemed that the deserting and leaving completely alone of the joyless former energy minister meant that he himself fitted the correct definition of "desolate" rather more than any stunning countryside he feels like despoiling (despoiling incorporates the Latin word "spoliare" meaning to strip of clothing, to rob and plunder, which we now know is what Lord Howell and his ilk think the North East is good for).
THE Vale of Glamorgan Council's bid to create a recreational community amenity at Cemetery Approach is a very welcome initiative - and in line with the wishes of the vast majority of Barry people, because 11,300 of them signed a petition three years ago to prevent housing development despoiling this lovely avenue, an open space gifted to the town by the Government in 1954.
But they're foisted on the rest of us and remain for decades despoiling the city.
07) when he referred to the despoiling of bonfire night and stated that in future the Government should consider public displays of fireworks only.
In 1909, President Teddy Roosevelt quashed such activities, which were despoiling the islands, by designating the archipelago's terrestrial sites a national wildlife refuge.
It would result in the despoiling of Joshua Tree National Park, while avoiding the difficult question of how to manage solid waste in a sustainable manner.
These billboards are dangerous and despoiling and I make no apology for my campaign against them