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As reflections of Waugh's own artistic tastes, Harris cites his 1942 opposition to the removal of Victorian railings as scrap iron during the war, and his description of despoliation of the English countryside witnessed by Ginger Littlejohn in an airplane in Vile Bodies (Penguin, 1975, 199-200).
Margaret Brown, St Davids, Pembrokeshire SIR - I continue to be amazed at the lack of any significant protest from the general public to not only the steady increase in their power bills, but also to the desecration of our beautiful countryside by an incontrovertible virus of despoliation that is spreading across our irreplaceable landscape and coastal waters.
As Suzanne Kocher explains, getting oneself burnt at the stake was not easy in France in 1310, and the fact that Porete managed to do so probably says more about her personality and Philip the Fair's obsessive need to prove himself orthodox in the wake of his despoliation of the Templars than it says about the work's heretical content.
Similarly, the activities of the international petroleum industry tend to dominate popular perceptions of environmental despoliation owing both to the metonymic centrality of oil to modern life and the lurid, all-encompassing nature of its technological disasters, ranging from discrete events like the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon tragedies to the broader effects of war and global warming.
As a result of an economic and security vacuum left by last year's crisis, smuggling and other illegal despoliation of the environment is spiralling out of control.
This is a world in which the denial of that access will be considered not some theoretical violation of the First Amendment or the Freedom of the Press, but an utter despoliation of economic potential and personal growth.
I will not dwell here on the allegations regarding environmental despoliation by Porgera.
This politician denounces the foreign parties that despoiled Iraq and continue to do so, but he considers the catastrophe to lie in the contribution of Iraqi forces to the long drawn-out carnival of despoliation.
FROM THE MOMENT HENRY David Thoreau drove a post into the shores of Walden Pond, the American environmental movement declared its hostility toward cities--those sooted handmaidens of industrial despoliation into which, by 1920, half the American population was smooshed.
Increasing the size of an army without taking responsibility for feeding it and paying it regular wages would invite even more spectacular binges of despoliation (p.
His spirited tag line "Hooray for mountain doins'" becomes increasingly poignant as he is burdened by the demands of his family (all of the main characters are revealed to be somehow related); by the deaths of his wayward and headstrong parents; by the despoliation of country and town by the ravages of gold-rush capitalism; by his outlaw celebrity after some brandy-fueled bragging to a journalist.