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And following last week's draw with Valencia, which left them seven points adrift of leaders Barca, Simeone conceded the title and talked despondently about being in a mini-league with Valencia and Sevilla for the remaining Champions League places.
Kamara, 31, nodded despondently while onlookers gathered round.
As we trudged despondently to our vehicle, I came across a fellow punter cursing his luck.
The fatal error men make while trudging despondently from store to store is to try and have some kind of meaningful input.
JI has failed despondently to disengage itself from Jihadi mindset, which has resultantly scaled down its stature to a religious organization or a pressure group than a political party.
Nowhere are the life and times of street youngsters more excruciatingly and despondently exposed than in the fictive world of Thirteen Cents.
At one such gathering, a powerful executive, having just lost mostO of his fortune in the US crash, moaned despondently that his world was ending.
The author personally experienced that no matter where an individual may end up, despite his or her longing for that particular hometown or village of birth, "he must painfully realize and despondently accept that physical separation has the capacity to transform him.
One of his more famous contrarian quotes is, "To buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest ultimate rewards.
Sadly, while dreadful Jessie "like" J and the gang were making their minds up, crestfallen Jay stared despondently at their backs.
In one image doing the rounds, Watson is pictured sitting despondently at a desk in a school uniform, grasping a pencil with his head in his hands.
He was once proud of his reputation, and that of his family, but he is now ostracised by his neighbours, he added despondently, having insisted the interview take place in a hotel kilometres (miles) from his home.