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DESPOT. This word, in its most simple and original acceptation, signifies master and supreme lord; it is synonymous with monarch; but, taken in bad part, as it is usually employed, it signifies a tyrant. In some states, despot is the title given to the sovereign, as king is given in others. Encyc. Lond.

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The despot has no lesson to teach contemporary Nigeria!
Or will it commit itself to thinking it is better to have a useful despot as this system is a more easily managed form of relations?
Communes and Despots in Medieval and Renaissance Italy demonstrates how Jones's careful analyses of government and civic institutions continue to resonate amongst his peers.
This is what is happening across the Arab world today, that haven for long-term despots, some of whom nurse dynastic projects.
Nasser was a staunch follower of the just despot theory which he believed (like Abdou and Shahbandar) was a transitional period necessary to prepare the people for democracy.
By contrast, the imposition of liability on the populace for the ill deeds of a despot is often utterly useless in terms of providing prevention incentives; the very definition of the despot is one who has taken away power from the populace.
Despot Dave (3-1) and Emporio Lord (2-1) landed a double for Alan Stevens in the final two heats of the Wilson Bookmakers Stakes, while veteran Ashwood Shawnee (11-4) took the opening heat for local handler Sonja Spiers.
That effort was successful enough to enable Bush to launch his ill-prepared and unjustified adventure in Iraq, but it had the inevitable collateral effect of persuading many Americans that they weren't just fighting a few Muslim terrorists and an evil despot in Baghdad, they were fighting an implacable enemy and its name was Islam.
Our puppet shah despot paved the way for Islamic fundamentalism in that nation.
Especially passages in which he speaks about a despot (Saddam Hussein) holding 10,000+ political prisoners, and that being a crime, while the Americans in the same country keep 10,000+ prisoners, but that is fighting terrorism.
and its allies thought he had prior to the American invasion that toppled the despot from his absolute control of Iraq.
Accompanied by her faithful friend Malingo, Candy is pursued by the diabolical Christopher Carrion, a supernatural despot bent on the full conquest of Abarat.