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DESPOTISM, government. That abuse of government, where the sovereign power is not divided, but united in the hands of a single man, whatever may be his official title. It is not, properly, a form of government. Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tit. prel. n. 32; Rutherf Inst. b. 1, c. 20, Sec. 1. Vide Tyranny; Tyrant.

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Landes's answer, like Smith's, is an optimistic - and Europe-admiring - story of Greek city-states and Germanic law leading to free institutions, contrasted with oriental despotism and God-kings.
Liberal society in India was achieved without recourse to a violent liberation, and those societies in the developing world that succumbed to the rhetoric of violent revolution have almost universally fallen under some form of despotism or dictatorship.
Marx did allude to the centralized government as "Asiatic despotism," but he also regarded the British rule of India as despotism (36).
For Wittfogel despotism is primarily a non-Western phenomenon and it originated from Oriental societies with a hydraulic mode of production.