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DESPOT. This word, in its most simple and original acceptation, signifies master and supreme lord; it is synonymous with monarch; but, taken in bad part, as it is usually employed, it signifies a tyrant. In some states, despot is the title given to the sovereign, as king is given in others. Encyc. Lond.

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My mother never could endure him, nor I; but he obtained an entire ascendency over my father; and this man was the absolute despot of the estate.
One fell into a condition where everything acted against the natural tendency, and the other where everything acted for it; and so one turned out a pretty wilful, stout, overbearing old democrat, and the other a wilful, stout old despot.
Alfred who is as determined a despot as ever walked, does not pretend to this kind of defence;--no, he stands, high and haughty, on that good old respectable ground, the right of the strongest; and he says, and I think quite sensibly, that the American planter is `only doing, in another form, what the English aristocracy and capitalists are doing by the lower classes;' that is, I take it, appropriating them, body and bone, soul and spirit, to their use and convenience.
I meant to say, in short, that though you are benevolent and judicious you are none the less a despot.
In a few months he gave up the task, and little more than a year later the people who had wept at the death of the great Protector, were madly rejoicing at the return of a despot.
Yet all that was visible of the despot who ruled his whole household in deadly fear was the kindly and beautiful face of an elderly man, whose stunted limbs and body were mercifully concealed.
Peter Ivanovitch is an awful despot," she jerked out.
He knew so well how to unite the powers of reason and force, that in a state of society, which admitted of a greater display of his energies, the Teton would in all probability have been both a conqueror and a despot.
There was something great, something too of the despot about this old Homer bearing within him an
Comedians and sporting and show business personalities make a nice living on the after-dinner speaking circuit and Tony Blair has made millions from lectures and advising despots.
Presently the unelected leaders of the Arab world, from the generals and despots of North Africa to the petromonarchs of the Gulf, see the Muslim Brotherhood and fellow travellers such as Hamas as a more potent threat to their own rule than the Israel defence forces.
We're a Treasure Island for dodgy despots, an international haven for ill-gotten gains, including ownership of Viktor the Impaler's Xanadu with its zoo and Spanish galleon.