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I traced his progress downwards, step by step, until at last he reached that excess of destitution from which he never rose again.
Many were the cries of astonishment and of commiseration which arose from them when they perceived the youth of one of the strangers and the destitution of the other.
Often and anxiously at this silent hour, her thoughts reverted to her grandfather, and she would wonder how much he remembered of their former life, and whether he was ever really mindful of the change in their condition and of their late helplessness and destitution.
Luzhin, who propounds the theory of the superiority of wives raised from destitution and owing everything to their husband's bounty--who propounds it, too, almost at the first interview.
The trio has set themselves a target of PS750 and the cash will go to the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre's (CRMC) Destitution Fund.
They often live in destitution without access to education and health services.
Les deputes somaliens ont fait part, jeudi dernier, de leur determination a organiser le vote d'une motion de destitution contre le president somalien, Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud, une demarche qui preoccupe vivement les partenaires internationaux de la Somalie - l'ONU, l'Union africaine, l'Union europeenne, Washington et Londres, qui ont fait part de leur [beaucoup moins que] profonde inquietude [beaucoup plus grand que], estimant que la [beaucoup moins que] motion parlementaire pour destituer le president, Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud, va entraver les progres vers la paix et les objectifs de construction d'un Etat en Somalie [beaucoup plus grand que].
If we had powers over immigration, we would take action to ensure that asylum seekers do not face destitution and humiliation by implementing a new system of support.
It is, however, a step in the right direction as it could bring an end to decades of violence, misery, destitution and economic strain.
Description : The project aims to create sustainable conditions for social inclusion of sectors in poverty and destitution.
It's clear that the horrors of destitution and inequality don't disappear because Cameron is back in No 10.
All Tory politicians think that bankers should decide their own bonuses of millions just for doing the job they are paid for, while they deliberately threaten the unemployed with sanctions of destitution if they are not obedient to every stricture, despite their problems.