destroy confidence

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The "Lucy" actor believes that " Terrorism tries to collapse societies through threats that destroy confidence and courage and faith in the social fabric," adding that it uses "hate" as a way of leading a society to "self-implode.
What is clear is that it was intended to discredit the government, destroy confidence and make tourists scared and not travel to Thailand," he told reporters.
Sensible tests would lead a child on from easier to harder questions and build, not destroy confidence.
We want to warn councilors that we will never allow this decay to destroy confidence that people have in this democratic government.
It may be that negative studies, paradoxically, reinforce rather than destroy confidence.
At the extreme, the lack of executive presence can sink a leader, cause others to question his or her judgment and destroy confidence in his or her ability to lead.
It doesn't take very much to destroy confidence, but it takes an awful lot to build it back,'' says Ian Bright, senior economist at ING, a global bank based in Amsterdam.
The reports published on these websites are deceitful and aim to destroy confidence in the stability and safety of the country's economy," the statement added.
The influence of money on treatment can destroy confidence in our health care system," Hirst said.
Around half of all 80-year olds will experience a fall in a given year, and as well as the obvious risk of serious injuries, or even death in some cases, a fall can also destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence.
In line with its past actions, Veritas is working systematically to destroy confidence in Indian capital markets through distorted and sensationalist reports," the spokesperson added.
Their latest wheeze is to try to destroy confidence in Scotland's Modern Apprenticeship programme.