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This manufacturer of Orec ozone chambers and ozone monitors has introduced an ozone destruct module that may be used with the Orec 0500 and 0900 ozone chambers.
So in these difficult economic days, the artist who debuted with Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is giving something back to his fans by adding a free DVD of a full-length original movie to his fourth major label album, Before I Self Destruct (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope), releasing early 2009.
Superstar Also Makes His Directorial Debut with Before I Self Destruct, a 90-minute Original Film
This innovative new advertising medium will permit advertisers to send video email messages and commercials to their customers that introduce a sense of urgency and excitement by creating time-sensitive video offers that self destruct," stated Darin Myman, President and CEO of BigString Corporation.
The firings consisted of a telemetry shot against a sub-scale target drone, which resulted in a skin-to-skin hit, and two shots successfully demonstrating Raytheon's new command destruct/self destruct (CD/SD) capability for AMRAAM in the surface launch mode.
The non-lethal barrier, which could be used in both combat and peacekeeping situations, would serve the same purpose as that of the self- destruct, self-deactivating antipersonnel mines which are dispensed by the Volcano system.