destructive criticism

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While my hope and faith in human life still survived Wolf Larsen's destructive criticism, he had nevertheless been a cause of change in minor matters.
Lack of real indexes and accurate figures lead to either double-tongued people or disappointment or destructive criticism, and hence constructive criticism is lost, he added.
The minister stressed that the associations of the workers in health sector in the province should play their positive role for bringing change instead of indulging in destructive criticism.
He deplored those who turned their backs on their country and focused on destructive criticism of their society.
He praised the efforts of those who use modern technology and means of communication to defend Bahrain's ruling system and society, expressing deep regret over the ungratefulness of those who use social media networks to post destructive criticism of the homeland, government and people.
However, what was once considered to be one of his biggest successes (even though it never became law) leaves him open to potentially destructive criticism from Biden.
We are against people who make destructive criticism.
It is time that the so-called clever young men of the media give us constructive rather than destructive criticism.
This view is clearly not shared by certain football writers who from then until the present time, have subjected this young man to a torrent of destructive criticism.
That being said, the hope is that the writers of the shoddy articles would -- at the very least- have the decency, the professionalism, and surly the responsibility to acknowledge the tangible achievements done by the SPLM under the leadership of President Kiir, and not just be engaged and locked up in some destructive criticism, that will only bring division among our people.
Mehdi Shah assured them of full support and appealed them to keep the aspect of constructive criticism instead of destructive criticism and guide the Gilgit-Baltistan new administration on various issues.
As a proud African who loves Africa and everything it has, I am very disappointed in Alan Barnard's comments and his persistent destructive criticism of the New African Woman.