destructive fire

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Brick edifices in those times were few, till a succession of destructive fires had swept, and swept again, the wooden dwellings and warehouses from the most populous quarters of the town.
This huge and destructive fire broke out on Saturday afternoon.
Arindam Samanta, senior manager of underwriting products and analytics for Verisk Climate, a Verisk Analytics business, says "the largest and most destructive fire in California was the Rock Fire, more than 100 miles north of San Francisco (in Lake County), damaging more than 90 structures," (according to CalFire).
WORRIED ecologists are assessing the long-term impact of a destructive fire on rare creatures and plants at a North Wales beach.
Little Bear is viewed as the most destructive fire in terms of human structures in the state's history, devastating 250 homes and related buildings.
Sayyari explained that Ghadir enjoys a longer range, a more destructive fire power and higher precision capability than Nour and Qader.
The open air market was gutted in a more destructive fire in July 2012, with Prime Minister Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa ordering a full 1 million Bahraini dinar (Dh9.
The Colorado Springs area was devastated by the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire, which was the most destructive fire in Colorado's history until 2013's Black Forest Fire.
Yet this year brought the 257,000-acre Rim Fire, considered the third largest fire in California history, and June's Black Forest Fire between Colorado Springs and Denver consumed more than 486 structures, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history.
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Concerns mounted meanwhile over the damage to Aleppo's historic center, a UNESCO world heritage strike, after a destructive fire which broke out late Oct 5.
4, making it by far the most destructive fire in Texas history.