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Without a major change in the philosophies of the world population, which motivate people as a whole to behave very destructively toward their own survival interests, life on this planet will have a limited future.
But they soon tended to become very restrained in prescribing cocaine: it could be p oisonous, and by the 1890s, many people were finding the chemical destructively habit forming.
The purpose of this experiment was to compare the LAI estimates of three LAI meters to destructively measured values over a range of LAI values for corn under field conditions.
The greatest challenge for a human being is to employ this freedom not destructively, but with the aim of experiencing the love of God and the bonds of co-createdness with the whole world, and thus, in a sense, to share in the divine work of creation.
The challenge confronting Massaro's proposal is how to advance the communitarian middle axioms in a society which worships independence, detests dependence, and is, at times, destructively individualistic.
A few years ago we were deluged with literature that was mainly destructively critical since it was concerned primarily with pointing out the malpractices and deficiencies in our educational process at the college level; at the time that type of literature was sorely needed.
Aaron was not as testy, certainly not as destructively critical as Spataro; but he wrote vivid and disarmingly frank letters, free of self-importance and possessed of a good deal of rough charm.
prospects that suggested America had frittered away a natural reservoir of good will among South Vietnamese and blundered destructively into an unwinnable war.
Most curiously, and destructively, they are attracted to electrical equipment and can destroy items including computers and telephone exchanges.
He said Labour had been "deliberately and destructively turning their back on the formula" that won the party elections during the Blair years and said the party now needs a leader that can "sit comfortably on, own and dominate" political territory held by the Conservatives.
Today, there are number of factors that affect the strategic balance, including the unilateral actions of the US and allies, which destructively influenced it," Lavrov said during a non-proliferation conference held in Geneva, adding that "such steps undermine the prospects for "nuclear zero", Al-Manar reported.
It is also the unlicensed taxi cab, the movement of stolen goods and, most destructively, the ever growing drug trade.