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The general equilibrium framework developed in this article extends recent studies in the literature that explicitly take into account the effect of destructiveness on conflict decisions.
From what you describe, his apparent dependence on you could be the start of separation anxiety and could contribute to the destructiveness.
Countless nascent historians and veteran scholars alike will be watching this "little book that could" change the way historians view the destructiveness of the Civil War.
And, like with Vietnam, I wonder how any government can survive while there is so much tenacious destructiveness among the general population.
All together, these recent expansion activities indicate that Pakistan is indeed progressing in a strategic plan to improve the destructiveness and deliverability of its nuclear arsenal," the ISIS report stated.
In addition, the author wanted to learn whether officers could critically reflect on the trauma incurred in their work and then move toward finding meaning for destructiveness, pain, and suffering, thereby building a bridge toward compassion and peace.
Fit and healthy, they are both in very good condition and are well behaved in the house with no barking or destructiveness.
I hope that along this journey people will start to think about the destructiveness of division.
There was a positive, yet unpredicted, correlation between scores on the Hypergender Ideology Scale and Chronic Self Destructiveness for men, r (125) = .
The new introduction discusses the clinical applications of the multi-trends theory of aggression, and offers further clinical theorizing about hostile destructiveness and clinical technique.
Lastly, global warming does indeed show man's destructiveness, pride and greed.
Whoever is the new Scotland manager they won't, I hope, have to put up with the destructiveness of Fleet Street.