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From what you describe, his apparent dependence on you could be the start of separation anxiety and could contribute to the destructiveness.
It had existed in the boom and bust years of the 19th and early 20th Century where many grassroots struggles, riots and strikes helped our leaders realise that the destructiveness and exploitation of the 'invisible hand' had to be reigned in.
Kertesz, himself a Holocaust survivor, indicts not only the destructiveness of totalitarianism but the society that allows these tragedies to happen.
This presages later waves of methamphetamine abuse within the gay community and the otherwise inexplicable continued abuse of methamphetamine to the present despite its obvious destructiveness to users.
He intends to preach "against the evils and destructiveness of Islam" at an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Luton, Bedfordshire, on February 5.
A statement on the pastor's website said: "During the protest, Dr Terry Jones will speak against the evils and destructiveness of Islam in support of the continued fight against the Islamification of England and Europe.
An increase in the frequency and destructiveness of coral disease has been identified as one of the threats posed to coral reefs by increased thermal stress from rising temperatures.
However, the people are those that abused religion to tone down the destructiveness.
In addition to educating people about the reality of gangs, the tours create jobs in depressed communities and bring attention to the destructiveness of gangbanging.
And, like with Vietnam, I wonder how any government can survive while there is so much tenacious destructiveness among the general population.
In addition, the author wanted to learn whether officers could critically reflect on the trauma incurred in their work and then move toward finding meaning for destructiveness, pain, and suffering, thereby building a bridge toward compassion and peace.
Fit and healthy, they are both in very good condition and are well behaved in the house with no barking or destructiveness.