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In the novel's opening scene, Janey abruptly departs their late-afternoon tryst in the Williams' own guest room, leaving Ben to wander about her house, his erection slowly withering, until he happens upon one of her garter belts in the laundry basket, whereupon he desultorily masturbates.
Its structure was basically parallel boards, which collapse and deform desultorily, resulting in many pores of different sizes ranging from 10 nm to 10 [mu]m (10, 16).
Having a center for research into periodicals, as the Index office on the Wellesley College campus became, had the unexpected and welcome effect of drawing together other scholars who had been privately and desultorily investigating Victorian journals.
Caleb was a believer in life after death; he was convinced that ghosts walked in their midst, perhaps transmogrified into motes of dust such as these inside the bar which swirled desultorily in a single shaft of light.
The title here refers to that classic Belgian soup that contains everything but the kitchen sink, and it is an exploration of the moods and humors desultorily inspired by Descartes's descriptions of the human condition.
A shallow, desultorily excavated, ditch accompanies the southern part of the alignment over a distance of some 40 m.
Often now I sit and watch the expanding world of the Quarter amble by the Napoleon House, grazing my way through a muffuletta washed down with Dixie Beer and desultorily trying to identify Mozart or Hayden.
The trial of a Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, Zarrar Shah, Sajjad Mir, Hammad Amin Sadiq and Abu al- Qama, is continuing desultorily.
Moshe sat at the kitchen table desultorily doing homework and Blume, her cotton house dress stained by sweat and grease, rushed from sink to stove, speaking incessantly in a polyglot of Polish, Hebrew and Yiddish.
Sums stipple dialogue--thirty thousand francs for rent, eighty euros for the shrink, and amounts paid in various currencies for Slavic tricks, Brazilian boys, the Moroccan delivery man who desultorily allows Pierre to fellate him in a barber's chair--the talk preoccupied with matters of inheritance and commerce.
So much money hasn't been desultorily tossed out a window since Dick Cheney's White House threw all those billions at Halliburton to lose in various cubbyholes in Iraq.
His last ten years of slow decline were spent walled away in his beautiful garden, desultorily sipping local champagne and playing with a second childhood's vast army of model soldiers.