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Those colleagues are desultorily offended by Addison's presence, even though, on her first morning in town, she managed to do an unwitting strip tease of one of them, Sam (Diggs), Naomi's ex.
Sewerage and Water Board men desultorily hunted for water leaks.
And so the others sit there, chewing desultorily, bickering with one another, and growing drunk on liquor fermented from the sap of the alien trees.
Like Narcissus he was obsessed by his image--his wonderful chocolate eyes lingering on the odd spot, at which he picked desultorily.
Eudora, twelve and desultorily dragging her way through middle school, hangs at the door--it isn't cool to show any emotion re hospital beds.
For several years Spain was happy to sit in the northern zone, desultorily carrying out a program of limited colonization and some economic exploitation, notably potash and nitrate mining.
By the 1850s and 1860s, there was some improvement, but behind the impressive workhouse facades still lay crumbling, ill-maintained buildings with sewage pooling in the yards, mothers and babies crammed into ill-ventilated, dark, low-ceiling basements, girls desultorily schooled in sheds.
He was not much more successful at Cambridge than he had been at Marlborough, studying only desultorily and lapsing into "day-dreaming and Pre-Raphaelitism .
The ape's eyes move desultorily over Darwin's form, his dark clothes, and his bright eyes.
In the 1948 war that followed the establishment of Israel, and in the Six Day War of 1967, Iraq fought somewhat desultorily against Israel's existence.
In the novel's opening scene, Janey abruptly departs their late-afternoon tryst in the Williams' own guest room, leaving Ben to wander about her house, his erection slowly withering, until he happens upon one of her garter belts in the laundry basket, whereupon he desultorily masturbates.
Bronner deals with this important question of reception or impact desultorily, often settling for some well-worn assertions about the potency of the instrument, that it motivated pogroms, educated Nazis, and helped unleash genocide.