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They provided a measure of soil detachability and soil movement.
Houghton and Charman (1986) have noted that soil detachability by water is an important component of soil erodibility and that it is largely dependent on soil texture and structure.
That last example failed to persuade me of the detachability of act and agent.
Socrates and Jesus provide Lang with two more supposed examples of the detachability thesis.
But while she points out in her introduction that the final rhymed couplet is an occasional pitfall even for a poet of Shakespeare's powers because of its detachability and tendency to anticlimactic summary, her emphasis in the commentaries on verbal repetitions in the couplets does not generally address the notorious question of their success as resolutions.
Enjambment robs the rhymes of much of their emphasis, and Prior loses the succinctness and detachability of the couplet without gaining the flow of blank verse.
that what we take to be distinctive about writing as opposed to speech - its iterability, detachability from its source, etc.
As we have seen, Constance and Eleanor not only foreground breath as the matter that causes words to resound, but they also demonstrate the agency of breath as "scandalous," a function of its transience and detachability from the speaker.
The findings support the claims about pragmatic detachability as a motivation for borrowing of DMs.
3) is rainfall detachability (Hairsine and Rose 1991; Misra and Rose 1996), [Phi] (m/s) is depositability, P (mm/h) is rainfall intensity, [Epsilon] represents the error term, and [Lambda] is a binary variable assuming 0 or 1 depending on whether rainfall-driven erosion processes are considered or not.
Also, how `detachable' and how `transportable' soil particles are requires independent consideration because some soil characteristics, especially soil texture, affect detachability and transportability in different ways.