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The classic sporting application for detachable mounts has been on rifles intended for dangerous game, from bears to buffalo and beyond.
Analysts think this move will further boost Toshiba's presence in the detachable device segment though the high sticker price is seen as some form of a hindrance.
The Danes had flintlock pistols manufactured at the Kronborg Arms Factory that were fitted with detachable shoulder stocks in, 1815, but by 1827 they had been withdrawn.
6) Among the many improvements to the refurbished Geffen are a fully detachable stage, which allows multilevel scenes to take place simultaneously.
Adjustable side flaps and a detachable extension strap secure the wrap in place.
The concept of a remote type of operation using detachable NSF cells is presented which requires long nuclear spin relaxation times of order 100 hours.
Base EQ Parka 100% nylon with polyester fill, detachable hood, lift-ticket ring.
The ARP-1717AX has a modular computer unit that is detachable and can be easily removed from the display for easy maintenance and quick upgrades.
It has a detachable nylon basket, and a secret velcroed compartment under the seat.
P-Wave systems can also be used to weld and "reverse-weld" assemblies by means of proprietary detachable fasteners.
Best Buy: Sony 52 Watt X 4-Channel MP3 Deck with flipdown detachable face, $279.
The wet tensile strength is determined by pulling a detachable ring from a special Lube.