detached part

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Of this plan he completed two detached parts, namely the fragmentary 'Recluse' and 'The Excursion,' which latter contains some fine passages, but for the most part is uninspired.
The parish was generally known as Ridgacre until 1901, and formed, with most of the rest of Halesowen parish, a detached part of Shropshire until moving to Worcestershire in 1844.
The museum is located in a somewhat detached part of the building, past a number of administrative offices.
This is the name given to detached portions of counties, like the detached part of Flintshire you can see here which is separated from the rest by part of Denbighshire.
Bedlington was once the head of a detached part of the Palatinate of Durham and fabric from the 12th Century survives in St Cuthbert's Church.
The dilemma of orphanage has really made the affected children a detached part of the society.
Captain Bernard Warburton-Lee, was born in Redbrook in what was the detached part of Flintshire.
Development of embedded systems will no longer be a detached part of vehicle projects, but an integrated cross-functional aspect of entire projects.
A calm, detached part of my brain quickly went through the procedures to save my sorry can:
While Flint came under St Asaph church, the detached part - owned by the same lord - came under the Chester church.
For the successful lease salesperson, private fleets can no longer be viewed as a detached part of a company.
From the west, the path wanders up past the garden hut (a most elegant affair, made as a sort of detached part of the house) to a rather severe front boarded in cedar - the scent of the planks complements the aroma of the pines.