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OVER the year, cadets and adults from Deeside Army Cadet Detachment have been busy with charity fundraising over and above normal cadet activities.
As the regional headquarters for the Caribbean MSG detachments in the embassies in Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, Region 9 HQ ensures that assigned Marines are trained to coordinate with and follow the operational and emergency-action plans laid out by the regional security officer (RSO) for hurricanes and their aftermath.
at the detachment of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Cafgu) in Barangay 1-A, Motiong town, Samar.
Surgical management of retinal detachments related to coloboma of the choroid.
Recent technological advancements in vitrectomy machines along with the use of silicone oil to treat complicated retinal detachments have resulted in better success level of retinal detachment surgery.
The exchange of fire between the two countries' border detachments took place at an undocumented site of their border.
Troops from the said detachments immediately returned fire to enemy positions.
Although this is a nondoctrinal approach to training and assessing readiness, it is a necessary tactic if CID battalions and detachments are to provide focused, relevant training that improves investigative skills, techniques, and supportive task performance.
20) Detachments separated less than 1 mm from the stroma are classified as planar and detachments with a separation of more than 1 mm are classified as nonplanar.
For the AACS, its challenge was to establish a network of over 700 detachments providing fast and reliable communications connecting the United States to all theatres of operations.