detailed account

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References in classic literature ?
Those who are sufficiently interested to desire to read his own detailed account of the society he would fain establish, will find an excellent passage in Aphorism 57 of "The Antichrist".
Mordaunt remembered that Cromwell had told him he had had no detailed account, and he was now quite convinced that the general had been present at the execution, hidden behind some screen or curtain.
She gave me no detailed account of the interview between them.
And now, my dear Watson, without referring to my notes, I cannot give you a more detailed account of this curious case.
He laughed at the idea, and went rambling on with a detailed account of his talk with the judge, and how shocked and ashamed the judge was to find that he had a coward in his family.
we are enabled to be the first to furnish the public with a detailed account of this most extraordinary voyage, which was performed between Saturday, the 6th instant, at 11, A.
At last he flung down the instrument, and plunged into a detailed account of his misadventures.
At the end of the day, Kim and the Hindu boy - whose name varied at Lurgan's pleasure - were expected to give a detailed account of all that they had seen and heard - their view of each man's character, as shown in his face, talk, and manner, and their notions of his real errand.
And Ignatius was devastating in his detailed account of the friends we left behind in South Vietnam, many of them to die at the hands of their communist enemies.
An enthusiastic recommendation for inclusion into both academic and community library World History collections, "The Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent" by John Stoye (Fellow in Modern History, Magdalen College, Oxford, England) is a superbly presented and accurately detailed account of this pivotal incident between the forces of a militant Islam and the armies of a European Christendom.
Ed Crowe's coverage of the Sixth Annual Dia de los Muertos festival gives us a detailed account of what the celebration was like.
95) is out, and it's a fine detailed account of tipoffs of winning plays in bidding.