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Of these calls, roughly 75 percent involved detainments and deportations, and the other 25 percent involved calls related to the prevention of detainment, referral, or needs for other help related to immigration issues.
The creation of the WICIR Urgent Response team has enabled advocates to witness and attempt to respond to the many devastating effects of immigration raids, detainments, and deportations.
Knowing that WICIR reports likely reflect a minority of actual ICE detainments, it is difficult to imagine the potential magnitude of the devastating effects on children in this one area, let alone to comprehend the national impact, given that these enforcement strategies have been in effect across the country since 2006.
A group of concerned citizens made an appointment with ICE officials and brought a letter expressing their opposition to the treatment and detainment of these men to the meeting.
Often, the detainment or deportation of the primary witness makes access to information difficult.
In fact, at least a third of the detainment cases documented by WICIR include the known separation of children, the vast majority of whom are U.
At least 33 percent of the detainment cases are known to have left children separated from their parents, and the vast majority of cases are suspected to have far-reaching negative effects on children in the extended families and neighborhoods of detained relatives and friends.