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It's linked to small sensors on your doors and windows to detect differences to normal activity and doesn't get confused by pets.
The study was not powered to detect differences in these seizure types, however, there was a numerical reduction in absence seizures with perampanel versus placebo.
Because of the small sample sizes, nonparametric tests were used to detect differences among and between groups.
In the study, Adaptive's immunoSEQ Assay was used to sequence the T cell repertoire within the tumor before treatment to assess characteristics of the adaptive immune response to the tumor that indicate a higher likelihood of response to pembrolizumab, and after treatment to detect differences in the resultant immune repertoire between responders and non-responders.
Chromadex is also working to use FT-NIR technology to detect differences in various extract concentrations.
Thermal Camera: Used to detect differences in heat and cold, the camera can actually "see" activity that we can't capture with other equipment.
One of the challenges in the diagnosis for deficiency is to detect differences between mild zinc deficiency and a severe one.
It is uncertain how the females can tell whether a male is experienced or not, but it seems likely that they can detect differences in the males scent markings.
The exclusion criteria for those trials severely limit their generalisability to the arthroplasty-requiring population (no obese or opioid-tolerant patients), the primary outcomes are irrelevant to our patients and their capacity to detect differences between groups for relevant outcomes such as acute pain, success of the prosthesis, functional outcomes and persistent pain is currently unknown.
For the Gambia study, small samples of blood from 50 healthy local kids were analyzed to detect differences in the level of DNA methylation at specific regions of certain genes.
We hypothesized that the selected self-report and performance-based instruments would be able to detect differences between the MFCL categories of prosthetic feet following standardization of prosthetic socket and gait training and that subjects without PVD would demonstrate a higher level of function with the different prosthetic feet, as measured by selected self-report and performance-based measures, than subjects with PVD.
Because it is designed to detect differences in temperature drift of the ground from one location to another, units are deployed in pairs, transects or arrays.