detention camp

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Tule Lake was the detention camp for hard cases, Kobayashi said, including Japanese-Americans who supported Japan in the war.
People, places, and environments: How a young offender has been influenced by youth gangs, detention camps, and a special school.
The juvenile detention camp is surrounded by a thicket of trees, rocky hilltops and a barbed-wire fence about 20 miles above Interstate 5.
Gridiron Gang tells the uplifting story of detention camp probation officer Sean Porter (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), who creates a high-school-level football team from a ragtag group of dangerous teenage inmates as a means to teach them self-respect and social responsibility.
Within days of the outbreak of war, the local exhibition grounds were turned into a detention camp that housed some 300 internees.
Troiani told the New York Times that he and four other Ford employees were then transferred to a secret prison and eventually to a special detention camp as part of the "dirty war" against anyone considered a leftist opponent by the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1976 to 1983.
Lee worked in a medical clinic at the Pyongbuk Provincial Police Detention Camp in 2000.
Jones began writing poetry during his early teenage years, while he spent time in a detention camp.
I didn't want to die," she says in a thin, quavering voice at an army detention camp in Palali.
It's as if, today, we put a group of abused Bosnians in charge of a detention camp for Serbs, or put a group of battered women in charge of a detention center for wife beaters--and then judged them harshly for not administering cool and dispassionate justice.
WASHINGTON, May 14 (KUNA) -- The visiting Kuwaiti Minister of Interior has re-affirmed keenness on releasing the Kuwaiti detainee held at Guantanamo detention camp, Fayez Al-Kanderi.
But when World War I broke out 10 days after his arrival, Thomas Wyndham Richards was rounded up alongside thousands of other British civilians and marched to a German detention camp.