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2) The DSG describes the mission to deter and defeat aggression as a doctrinal template to deny objectives and impose costs, but it does not detail whom and what to deter, or how.
Deter was a great friend to the craft and specialty import beer segments.
But RICS said research had found that 72% of its members thought such an increase would deter people from investing in rental property, rising to 100% in the West Midlands.
According to gardening expert Bonnie Manion, narcissus bulbs naturally deter gophers.
Central Gateshead Neighbourhood Inspector Peter Storey said: "The metal detector arch not only brings offenders to light, but will also hopefully deter those who would normally carry a knife or weapon from doing so.
Councillor Neil Phillips, ward councillor, said: "Hopefully the new gating installed in Pool Bank Street will help to deter possible vandalism of this building, making members of the public and staff who work at the arts centre feel much safer.
Kingsgate is the latest in a number of shopping centres to recruit classical composers to deter groups from loitering outside premises.
Tailoring communications: Others focus on the distinctive problem of communicating intent--specifically the kinds of messages the United States would send in its words or actions that contribute to (or detract from) its efforts to deter specific actors, in both peacetime and crisis situations.
1 -- color) Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen protest, saying the government should do more to deter illegal immigration.
Officers, who will also be giving general crime prevention tips, hope the ringing sound generated by the bells when a purse is moved will deter thieves and alert potential victims to offenders.
policies direct agencies in the maritime community to deter, detect, and defend against traditional and asymmetric attacks.
Bernheim (1984) is the first paper to recognize the possibility of coordination failure underinvestment by pointing out the existence of one type of equilibrium in which each incumbent firm makes a zero investment in entry deterrence and equilibria of a second type where investments are just sufficient to deter entry.