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Misdiagnosis of reactive lesion as neoplastic or vice versa can be obviously deterimental for the patients as well as have medicolegal implications for the pathologist.
The concept of deterimental effects of crop plant on the growth and development of other crop plants was known from early times theopherastus observed the inhibitory effects of crop plants on other crops over 2000 years ago but before the early part of this century no research has been conducted in this area.
If there is a lesson for the White House and Congress from the recent crisis is that even the threat of a government shutdown has lasting consequences, many of which are deterimental to the nation's economy.
Carl Durrant, King Sturge's industrial/logistics partner, believes that while the Government's failure to introduce relief to the unpopular policy will have a deterimental effect on the region's industrial sector, there are signs that the development community is taking active steps to limit the impact of the tax.
Only one greyhound, Burberry Boy, attempted both events this year - although the Scottish Derby's organisers may be concerned that a direct clash may have a deterimental effect on the travelling plans for trainers, and the general profile of the Classic.
He added: "We have no blueprint for the future because this is the first time devolution has been carried out in practice in the U K, but I do not see that as in any way deterimental.
Yet I've a sneaking feeling that beneath Gross's austere exterior is a man who'll let players have their head once things are ticking over - as long as it's not deterimental to his system.
Even though the paper does not highlight, it does show that the formation of EEC has been deterimental to the growth of trade for South Asian countries.